christmas at the goat


baaaaaaaah humbug! well not really…

the season’s t-shirts and buttons are in at girl & the goat! help us support a great cause!

after making little hipster goat buttons with raffle numbers back before the opening, we fell in love with having the little goat hanging on our satchels and hats, and decided to make seasonal ones throughout the year.  collector items if you will.  each with a raffle number for fun prizes, and each with proceeds benefiting a charity fitting for the season.

first up was thanksgiving where we had the little goat dressed as a turkey, making his way onto turkey day tshirts, all to benefit our thanksgiving feast that we shared with common threads’ families at the goat.  getting up at 4am to put in the turkeys was well worth it as we got to share green bean casserole and sweet potatoes with lots of new friends.  but we owe much of that day to you, to our guests, that were so happy to buy buttons and t-shirts to sport around town in support.


so ‘tis now the season of gift giving and we ask for your help once again.  this time the goat is dressed like our childhood friend rudolph (‘til this day i remember looking out my window one christmas eve and seeing a red light on the roof…so i will always be a believer).  he is on the shirts with a big bag of gifts to give to children around the city through the Toys for Tots program.

so come on in and get your seasonal button and t-shirt and help us get as many toys as we can!  if you want to join in on the gift giving, bring by a toy and the raffle button is on us!

what does this raffle winner get?  dinner on the expo line, right next to me and my entertaining cooks, with a special menu created around your tastebuds.  oh and wine and beer pairings of course…. would not be complete without.

see you soon at the goat!