girl and the goat


yes folks the name has changed.  after being very attached to ‘the drunken goat’ for a long while, we found out that due to trademark issues it was not possible to keep the name.  my last name is a type of mountain goat that lives in the pyranees mountains, and according to my lovely friend from top chef, antonia, i am some times drunken.  a name was born.  but as with all, things change.

alas, after going through every adjective we could think of, we decided to go a different way.  my friend quang had painted this painting for me after the first day i mentioned ‘the drunken goat’.  after waking up every morning (well when i am actually at home) and seeing the painting, the name, ‘girl & the goat’ came to be.

i figured there would be a little buzz on the internet yesterday about the name change.  my dad uses google alert and reads everything and mentioned that he did a bit of reading yesterday.  it sort of reminds me of english class where everyone deciphers each and every line of a book, trying to find the deeper meaning.  truth is, it just sounded like a quirky fairy tail so we are going with it.  not really all that deep.  though i do often have a number of voices in my head, so maybe two of them are the girl and the goat.  who knows.

i do like the description of it as a porn name.  i told my partner kevin boehm, who dabbles in the film making business, that now he has a title if he ever decided to go the naughty film route.  he responded, yeah, maybe ‘the girl, the goat and the salami’.  ha.  or as some happy texters would write, LOL.

so there you have it.  the name is different.  it still has goat in it because it has for over a year now.  the food will still be full of flavor.  the dining room still full of energy.  and the goat does not plan on ever not being ‘drunken’.