Little Goat Update: November 2012

just last week (on my birthday, to be exact) we began staff training for little goat! i gotta say, getting ready for a restaurant that is open about 20 hours of the day is a whole new ballgame for me. we have found a small village, it seems, of people to join our team for opening… a small village of various personalities and styles, all with one common goal:  to make little goat a fun and inviting place for guests no matter what time of day. from coming in for a quick lunch during a workday to families coming in for a casual night of not cooking to groups; from friends coming in after a night out or coming in the day after to recover and joke about the fun they had the night before.

first day of server training, via @stephandthegoat on instagram

there is nothing fancy about the menu, just pure comfort food with enough choices that there is something for everyone. the challenge this week and next is getting the kitchen all set up and ready to go. oh, and to try to figure out how the heck we are gonna prep all that food :)