market mondays: you say tomato, i say tomahto


it is the perfect time for tomatoes so run out and get some of these late summer treats while the season is at its peak.  of course you can hit your neighborhood grocer any time of the year and find romas and beefsteaks that are grown in a greenhouse throughout the year to keep up with the wide use of the fruit, but they are just not the same.  if you head to the farmer’s market in august and september you can find all sorts of tomato gems.  little sungolds that taste like candy.  beautiful green zebra tomatoes with just the right tartness.  maybe even some fuzzy peach tomatoes with their unique soft skin.

during peak season it is great to just slice the tomatoes and drizzle with your favorite olive oil and a little sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. mix and match varieties with various colors and sizes and you are all set.  i of course like to grab a little burrata or fresh mozzarella cheese to go with mine, but that is just because my cheese obsession always takes over a bit.

just a couple of simple tips… DO NOT put your beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the refrigerator.  this makes them very unhappy and mealy and causes them to loose flavor.  i usually store mine on a kitchen towel with the stem side down which helps avoid any soft spots from forming on the bottom.

try some fun tomato recipes:

chilled yellow tomato and vanilla bean soup with lump crab and basil

seared diver scallops with heirloom tomatoes and truffle-poblano vinaigrette

tomato ice cream with cherry tomato and stone fruit

or just slice up, pour yourself a nice glass of pinot gris, and sit outside and enjoy summer.

fun fact… there are about 125 million tomatoes grown every year throughout the world.  china produces over 30 million while the US comes in second with over ten million.